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 Swigger-WoW rules

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Swigger-WoW rules Empty
PostSubject: Swigger-WoW rules   Swigger-WoW rules EmptySat Apr 20, 2013 9:13 pm

This is the basic rules for the server Swigger-WoW rules.

If you obey these rules some will give you a warning, some will even give you permanently banned.

1. - Using Hack

Do not at any time use any hack, "Third-party programs". If it's detected you will get no warnings and permanently banned.

2. - Exploits
Do not at any time use any exploits, like exploits that involve getting to an area that cannot be reachable by not glitching to get there.
But if you happen to do this exploit by mistake "you did not do it yourself" you can report it to us at contact GM- ticket or email : chealchocker@hotmail.com.

3. - Offensive language
You shall not use inappropriate/offensive language at any time, like calling a player "Fcking asshole" etc. any swearing will not be accepted. If anyone use a word offensiving you.
Then please immidately contact us by using the email: chealchocker@hotmail.com or by submitting a GM-ticket. The player that get's reported by this will recieve a warning.

4. - Respect our players and be sure to invite and remember that its made to have fun! not complaining on others.
Respect other players as yourself want to be treated or else you might end up being warned or permanently banned. "It's your own decision."

5. - Do not recruite to other server on Swigger-WoW
Do not link any off your servers in our trade/general/world chat etc.
This might end up you getting permanently banned directly.

6. - Respect the staff
Do never ask for items or any offensive language to a GM, the reason for staff "GM" is there for you, is to respond back to your questions
and help the players and make the server a better place.

Thx for reading the rules, and hope you will stay here and invite your friends! Smile GM Hejsh "Jim"

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Swigger-WoW rules
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